Principled compromise is essential to the political process. I am a centrist, not deeply ideological, and so am open to any and all ideas that stem from an evidence/fact based approach to solving our problems and don’t violate basic tenets of equal rights and equal opportunity.

As a parent, I would do anything to keep my kids safe and give them the opportunity for a brighter future. That is what many of the asylum seekers who reach our borders are trying to do. First and foremost, we have to treat all asylum seekers with basic human dignity and respect, and process their claims in a timely manner. We also have to update our asylum laws, which are currently based on a post World War II assumptions. Our current reality is that many are not fleeing state sponsored persecution, but persecution from actors who the state is unable to police.   Finally, we have to develop a comprehensive plan to address the security and economic issues across our hemisphere that are driving migration.