I’m a parent, and concern for my children’s future is one of the primary reasons I am running for Congress. Climate change is no longer a theoretical prediction. Whether it’s historical flooding of our farms in the Midwest or cities like Houston, regular tidal flooding of coastal cities like Miami, increasing frequency of devastating hurricanes like Maria, Harvey and Michael, longer and deadlier wildfire seasons, or the fact that the 2010’s were the hottest decade on record, we are witnessing the changes that climate scientists have been predicting for decades.

The time to argue over the validity of the predictions is over. The time to act is now.

As your Congressman I would support a carbon dividend and fee policy similar to the one proposed by the Climate Leadership Council. Such a plan would provide market incentives to businesses and individuals to reduce carbon emissions and provide funding for research into clean energy alternatives – research that will lead to technology improvements that would make utility scale clean energy production more economically feasible right here in Central Texas.

The challenge is massive in scale and complexity. It will require multiple solutions. We must research and be prepared to implement other technology solutions like large scale carbon sequestration as well as explore the potential role nuclear energy might play as a bridge to an all-renewable future.