Why I’m Running

It’s time for us to take our government back. I’m running to restore the House Representatives to what the Founding Fathers intended it to be – the house of the people.

Why I’m Running

It’s time for us to take our government back. I’m running to restore the House Representatives to what the Founding Fathers intended it to be – the house of the people.

I was the Democratic Party nominee for this seat in 2018. When I launched that campaign in September of 2017, I knew it would take more than one election cycle to unseat an entrenched incumbent. We took the loss, took a couple of months off, then started building on the experience of that run. I announced my 2020 candidacy in March of 2019.

Even with all that has happened since, my core reason for running hasn’t changed.

Sarah and I have five teenagers between us. As I watch them grow and approach young adulthood, and I consider the deeply divisive social and hyper-partisan political environment we’re in, I have been fearful that we’ll be the first generation to hand off a weakened and diminished America to our kids and future generations to come. I suspected that we were vulnerable, that some global event such as a recession or armed conflict might hit us at a time when we were unprepared to deal with it.

I never imagined, nor would I have wished for something as deadly and devastating as the COVID-19 pandemic to prove my fears to be well founded.

The response of the Trump administration and its enablers in Congress to the pandemic has been, and continues to be, disorganized, incompetent, and derelict in its duty to protect the lives and livelihoods of the American people. Congress, after a brief interlude of bipartisanship, has retreated to its respective ideological safe zones. The American people are caught in the middle, facing expiring relief measures, a gridlocked Congress, an administration that has declared “Mission Accomplished!” despite the fact that the virus is still killing thousands of our fellow Americans, and a political environment  in which the choice of wearing or not wearing a mask to protect our friends and neighbors has become a polarizing expression of political partisanship.

While my core reason for running has not changed – our response to the pandemic has increased my sense of urgency by orders of magnitude.

This century hasn’t been easy for America. It started with 9/11, and we’ve been in a state of perpetual war ever since.  The Great Recession devastated millions, and most people saw Congress bailing out Wall Street and corporations, leaving Main Street to struggle through a slow, painful recovery. Wealth and income inequality skyrocketed, and a dramatic shift of economic activity from rural to urban and suburban areas left millions feeling economically insecure, disenfranchised, and abandoned.

Our hyper-partisan Congress has done nothing about it.

My world and political view is shaped by 2 primary forces. First, I’m an engineer. And as such I look for fact-based, effective, and achievable solutions that I don’t view through a deeply ideological lens. Second, my parents were born into the great depression and are of the Greatest Generation – they modeled for me a quiet determination, a respect for the common good, and the need and ability to unite and take on shared sacrifice in times of crisis.

As we work our way through and past the pandemic and define a new future for America, we must reject the status-quo of divisive and obstructionist politics. It’s time to replace fear with hope, anger with optimism, divisiveness with unity, obstruction with principled compromise, and gridlock with progress.

It’s time for all of us – whether you’re black, white, Latino, Asian, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, atheist, Democrat, independent, or Republican, to rise up and take back our government, take back our representation, and restore OUR voice in DC.

I pledge to you that as your Congressman, my loyalty will lie with the country, the Constitution, and you my constituents, not PACs, parties, or presidents.