Our Virtual Campaign

In order to maximize the safety of both the general public and campaign volunteers during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re running an entirely virtual campaign.

While I prefer face to face communication, here’s how we can engage:

  • Virtual Block Walking

One of my favorite campaign activities has always been knocking on doors and engaging my fellow Central Texans on their doorsteps. These days, I can’t knock on your door, but we can still use the technology available to connect “face to face!”

Just as if I knocked on your door, I’ll have one question for you – “What’s important to you?”. You can bring all the questions you’d like!

CLICK HERE to book a Zoom, Face-time, or plain old phone call with me. I hope we can connect soon.

  • Virtual Town Halls

Just like the live version, these town halls are a chance to interact in a group setting via Zoom webcast. For the schedule, head over to our Events page, find one that’s convenient for you, and click to register!

  • Phone Banking

We’re maximizing our phone banking volume. At the moment we’re doing wellness calls to folks in the district to assure they’re ok, as them what their biggest concern is and what they’d most like to see changed. We’re always looking for volunteers to help with these efforts so click over to our volunteer form if you’d like to help out!