AUSTIN,TX, August 4, 2020 – Rick Kennedy won the July 13 run-off election & is now
officially the Democratic candidate for US House TX17. “I couldn’t be more thrilled &
honored,” Kennedy said. “We have a credible path to win this seat & take a fresh new
approach to this congressional district’s representation in D.C. Our campaign slogan is
“Demand Better” & that’s what I offer the voters.”

Kennedy has garnered support across the district, including these voices:
David Jaramillo, former Democratic candidate for US House TX17, “Throughout the
campaign, Rick became a friend. I know Rick is the person for the job–he is someone
who will put the people first. Rick wants to help this congressional district & I have no
doubt that is what he’ll do.”
Pat Epstein, President-Pflugerville Area Democrats, “Rick Kennedy talks the Blue
Talk and walks the Blue Walk, right down the local streets where his constituents live
their daily lives. He is committed to delivering better lives for every single District 17
citizen, even those who don’t always agree with us. It’s time for every Democrat, up &
down this crazy gerrymandered district, to coalesce and bring home the win so Rick can
get to work for our country & every District 17 citizen. We need him in D.C. & the
Pflugerville Ds are ready to do our part!”
Richard O’Dell, County Chair-Freestone County Democrats, “I grew up hearing the
old adage from Will Rogers, “I don’t belong to any organized political party. I am a
Democrat.” Unfortunately, that has been true for a long while. But, a new wind is
blowing. Under the leadership of Rick Kennedy, the party is coming together and
moving forward to achieve greater goals. With Rick, the party is again a party of unity,
solidarity, and victory.”
Wanda J. Watson, County Chair-Brazos County Democrats, “We cannot ignore
what is at stake in the November 2020 election & the Brazos County Democrats are
ready to organize a strategic path to victory and turn Texas blue. In collaboration with
Rick, we will work as Democrats to increase turnout and engage in clear and fair voting
for congressional district TX 17.”

Rick Kennedy is a software engineer who lives in Austin. As the Democratic candidate, he
opposes Pete Sessions for the US House TX17 seat that opened up when Bill Flores announced
his retirement. The general election is November 3, 2020. The 17th includes Brazos, Burleson,
Falls, Freestone, Limestone, McLennan, Milam, and Robertson counties; also portions of
Bastrop, Lee, Leon, and Travis counties.