Fairfield Recorder, By Thomas Leffler Editor@fairfield-recorder.com on Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Tuesday’s election will not only decide local Freestone County positions, it will play host to several other contested races on the state and federal level…

…The Democratic runoff will also be contested Tuesday, with the nomination coming down to either Rick Kennedy or David Jaramillo.

Kennedy pulled in 302 Freestone County votes in the March 3 primary (56.24 percent), and received 47.9 percent of the district-wide vote.

Jaramillo received 107 votes in the county (19.93 percent), as well as 35 percent of the district vote.

Third-place finisher William Foster III outperformed Jaramillo in Freestone, grabbing 128 votes (23.84 percent).

Limestone County was also a Kennedy stronghold, as the candidate received 284 votes (45.3 percent) to Jaramillo’s 155 votes (24.72 percent). Foster III once again outperformed Jaramillo in the Limestone race, taking 188 votes (29.98 percent).

A small sample size in Leon County in March had Kennedy receiving 99 of 164 votes (60.37 percent), while Jaramillo swayed 37 voters (22.56 percent).

Kennedy has career experience working as a software engineer and project manager. He previously ran for the TX-17 seat in 2018, gaining 41.3 percent of the district vote in a race against Flores.

Kennedy’s platform puts health care at the top of his issues list. He supports the Medicare for America Act of 2019, which is a public option on top of established American health care systems that achieves universal coverage.

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