AUSTIN,TX, September 25,2019 – Rick Kennedy, Democratic candidate for US House District TX17, released the following statement of support for the impeachment inquiry to be conducted by the House of Representatives:

“President Trump has asked a foreign government, both personally and through his lawyer, to investigate his leading political rival for corruption. There is no doubt about these facts, as both the President and his lawyer have admitted to it.

For 11 days since the existence of a whistleblower report documenting the incident came to light, a report the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community determined was of “urgent concern”, President Trump and members of his administration refused to turn the report over to Congress as required by law. Only the announcement of a formal impeachment inquiry forced them to comply.

The Constitution, free and fair elections, and the rule of law are the foundations of our democracy. Without a transparent process to reveal the remaining facts of this matter to the American people, those foundations are at risk. As constituents, we are called upon to hold our elected officials accountable and to assure the nobody, not even the President, is above the law.

This is not a conclusion I come to lightly. If you have heard me speak on the matter over the last two years, you know that I feel that impeachment of a duly elected President should be a last resort. Unfortunately, since the President and his administration have resisted complying with the law, there is no choice but to conduct an impeachment inquiry to bring this matter to a just conclusion.”


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